Dance Programs



This is a fun program offered in sessions throughout the school year for dancers ages 2 1/2 to 4 1/2. Children love to explore their creative movement in the fun environment which is filled with songs, imagination and interpretation of music. Classes are 30 minutes once per week and include activities to develop body awareness, spatial awareness, listening skills, beat development, expressive movement, taking turns, and basic dance and locomotive skills.  There is no dance uniform for Preschool classes however stretchy clothing is required or a bodysuit with or without a skirt is encouraged. If dance shoes can be worn or bare feet to avoid slipping.  Maximum class size: 8 students

Spring Session:

Monday 4:00-4:30pm April 1 - May 27 (8 classes for $100 including HST) - FULL
Wednesday 4:00-4:30pm March 27 - May 19 (10 classes for $122 including HST)
Thursday 6:15-6:45pm March 28 - May 30 (10 classes for $122 including HST) -FULL

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Ballet - Full Year

Ages 4 and up

Students are trained in classical ballet through the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) syllabus, which progresses through the Graded levels: Pre Primary, Primary, Grades 1-8, and through Vocational Graded levels: Intermediate Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced Foundation, Advanced 1, Advanced 2 and Solo Seal. Starting at the Grade 2 level, students must enroll in two ballet classes per week. Students are eligible for exams at the recommendation of their teacher.

The graded levels concentrate on the exploration of movement, musicality, with the development of technique, artistry and self-discipline. Emphasis is placed on proper posture and alignment, correct and safe technique, and a genuine sense of performance. Many other dance forms as well as physical activities such as gymnastics and skating recommend ballet because of the inherent qualities that are developed. At Dance Steps ballet is recommended to all students (but not mandatory) either to be studied on its own or to enhance a dancers’ training in other genres.

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Why are qualifications so important?

Dance Steps follows the RAD method of ballet as ballet is just as much a sport as it is an art, and without proper knowledge an untrained or poorly trained teacher can do harm to their students! In December 2015 the BBC covered this issue and reported on its findings.

“Unqualified ballet teachers can ‘damage’ children”

By Judith Burns, Education reporter

Unqualified teachers lack important training in anatomy and physiology,” said RAD chief executive, Luke Rittner. Encouraging children too early into moves, like going up “en pointe”, when the whole body is balanced on the toes, can ruin careers, said Mr Rittner.

Read the full story on the BBC website here.



Jazz - Full Year

Ages 5 and up

The latest dance styles are expressed in jazz dancing. This fast paced, high energy class uses popular music to express dance techniques. Flexibility, co-ordination and strength are an integral part of the techniques and are displayed through spectacular turns and jumps at the advanced level. Young dancers are trained to become disciplined and versatile dancers who have a professional attitude towards dance. The children’s jazz work is on age-appropriate material based on natural movements: walking, running, jumping and skipping, as well as isolations and rhythm. It is designed to encourage an imaginative and rapid response to music and to promote an appreciation and enjoyment of jazz.  Classes include traditional and up-to-date jazz movements, which improve coordination, balance, strength, flexibility, and rhythmic awareness. At  the Intermediate level dancers must attend 2 classes per week.

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Tap - Full year

Ages 6 and up

Rhythm, co-ordination and style is developed in these fun classes. Regulated and controlled rhythmical sounds are executed with precision. Students learn traditional tap skills, including steps, combinations and rhythms, as well as the history and theory behind them. In more advanced classes a stomp and hip hop style of tap is explored.

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ACRO - full year


Ages 6 and up

Acrobatic moves are taught incorporating music and dance. A great dance form for gymnasts that would like to incorporate their gymnastics into dance. Dancers flexibility and agility is increased through this wonderful dance form.

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Dance Steps is an Acrobatic Arts certified studio. 



If you want to dance like those in music videos or dance crews hip hop dancing is for you.  Hip-hop dance refers to street dance styles primarily performed to hip-hop music. You do not have to live in N.Y.C. to dance this fun, funky, and rhythmical style of dance. This high energy class will also improve your co-ordination, musicality and physical fitness level. It includes a wide range of styles primarily street dance, and some breaking, locking, and popping.

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Modern/Lyrical-Full Year

The modern/lyrical program at Dance Steps is for students 11 years and older with a minimum of 3 years dance training (or at the Intermediate Foundations level of ballet). Lyrical dance is some what a merging of ballet and jazz styles, using music with lyrics that inspire the choreographer/dancer to interpret the emotions of the song.  At Dance Steps this organic class is a merging of lyrical dance with a contemporary and a modern dance mix. The class encourages self expression and interpretation using a dancers inherent dance background but also using unrestricted movements. In the advanced classes a separate modern teacher also exposes the dancers to concepts of contraction and release, floor work, fall and recovery, and improvisation.

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